1716 years since the Great Sundering, the continent of Vahara is approaching a sense of stability. 100 years have passed since the Vaharan Compacts established a begrudging peace between the native Xastan and colonial Vaharan humans, as well as the Saior-daen and Feagra-dean elves. The city of Hunter’s Fall stands proud as the capital of East Vahara, with the peace kept by the Hunter’s Word and their Standing Guard. East Vahara is a golden land of opportunity, where anyone with the will to succeed can make their dreams a reality.

Or, so the Word want you to believe.

In truth, the Treadspath Mercantile group is becoming a little too powerful for its own good. Baelai elves stir in their mountain realm, jealous of the rights the Vaharan Compacts afforded their kin but denied to them. Smoke rises from the volcanic Xela’s Peak across the sea to the West.

And the ship that landed this morning at Immigration on Warning Island has a few rather colourful characters…

Join us as we tell the tale of the Eisengrau Uprising, our D&D 5e homebrew campaign.

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