Your friendly local DM, here to set the stage, play the NPCs, and waste entire days of his life preparing encounters the others breeze blissfully past. I'm not bitter.

Dragon of Icespire Peak

Reflections on a Short Campaign

…And that’s a wrap! Earlier today we released Chapter 11, the final episode of our take on Dragon of Icespire Peak, the campaign included in the D&D Essentials Kit. What a ride! It was a true learning curve for me – there, in Chapter 1, for everyone to listen to, is my very first session…

Dragon of Icespire Peak

Today is the Day!

How exciting! This afternoon, in just a few hours, our first episode of actual play D&D goes live! We’ll be streaming the episode at 2pm GMT on Twitch, and then publishing it on YouTube at 4:30pm GMT. Here’s the links, we hope you enjoy! BenBurning Dice DM

Burning Dice d20

Welcome and Well Met

Howdy fellow nerd! It’s a true privilege to have you here. Welcome to, the online home of us, some TTRPG loving dorks from Plymouth, UK. Here you’ll find all of our content, including our original let’s-see-if-we-can-do-this Dragon of Icespire Peak campaign, as well as The Eisengrau Uprising, our homebrew campaign. Please feel very welcome…